Carpe Diem: digital learning in action

The Legislature passed a bill this year that will encourage the growth of digital learning in Utah’s public schools and help improve the quality of digital courses. You can learn more about this bill here.

As the Statewide Online Education Program moves forward and grows, it’s important to understand how valuable digital learning can be to children when designed well. For example, this video shows how a public school in Arizona has helped 92 percent of its students perform at or above proficiency, compared with a state average of 65 percent:


Given the benefits of online learning – a personalized and student-driven educational experience, parent empowerment, and expanding the reach of great teachers – Utah policymakers should be proud of what they have accomplished with the Statewide Online Education Program. Sutherland looks forward to continuing to work with policymakers and others to find more ways to improve this great initiative for the benefit of children in Utah.