Capitol Daily Video: abstinence-only education

Rep. Bill Wright’s proposal to limit sex education in public schools to an abstinence-only curriculum passed the Senate today 19-10-0. HB 363 will now go to the governor for his signature. Watch this video report to learn more about the bill:

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2 Responses to Capitol Daily Video: abstinence-only education

  1. JBT says:

    The legislature are idiots to listen to the Sutherland Institute and the Eagle Forum.  Look for the rates of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases to rise in the coming months and years.  Ignorance has a price.

  2. Liz Woolcott says:

    What utter nonsense.  Abstinence might be the best policy, but so is honesty.  And in all honest reality – teens have sex.  Not all  of them – but a significant number of them.  While they can come from all walks of life, the most worrisome are those large group of teens that have little parental oversight.  It is this “at risk” group of teens who don’t have any parental input or guidance, let alone supervision, and therefore need the most education to even have a hope of making good decisions.  These are the kids you are hurting.  Not the good kids who might -*gasp*- hear about contraception.  (Like they don’t on TV anyway?)  I mean, honestly, what exactly are you protecting them from?

    Just give a straightforward, no-nonsense, completely factual sex education course and let the families and communities reinforce the abstinence point – since it is their influence that will have the most effect anyway.  For those parents that don’t want this kind of education – let them opt out.  Win/Win for everyone.

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