Capitol Daily Video: update on education savings accounts

On Wednesday morning, Representative John Dougall (R-American Fork) presented a bill that would give Utah students education savings accounts, providing them more options for their schooling. Watch today’s video report to learn more about HB 123 and why Sutherland thinks it’s a good idea for Utah.


What do you think? Would education savings accounts help Utah children?

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  • Harvey1950

    Like many other attempts to send funding along with the student, this bill is based on a fallacy…that all students cost the same to educate. Yes, there is an “average”, but some students, some classes, some programs cost much more to operate than others. The current system provides equal opportunity for students to participate in all programs regardless of ability to pay. What happens when a student wants to take more expensive programs and runs out of money? Who picks up the cost for more expensive special education or gifted students when students following a “less expensive” track take their extra money with them to college? Right now those things all balance out within the school district budget.