Eagle Mountain joins the A+ transparency club


Stan Rasmussen and Dave Buer of Sutherland Institute with Mayor Heather Jackson

Eagle Mountain recently became the fourth Utah city to earn Sutherland’s “A+ Website Transparency Award.” Sutherland produced a report in the fall of 2010 that ranked city governments on the transparency and utility of their city websites — did the city make it easy for its residents to find information, and what kind of information was available?

Eagle Mountain’s initial score was a respectable 7.5 out of 10, or a B in Sutherland’s A-F grading scale. But, to their credit, Eagle Mountain officials wanted to be as open and transparent as possible, so they worked with Sutherland to see how they could improve. 

The result is a city website with substantially more lobbyist information, in-depth audit records, more thorough contact information and a fantastic bid/awarded contracts grid. Such efforts at transparency help governments at all levels be more accountable and responsive to their constituents, and they provide those constituents with the tools to be the responsible citizens a free society needs.

Hats off to Eagle Mountain. To see the initial transparency report, click here.