To grow Utah’s economy, start at home


We have been critical of many of the state’s economic development programs designed to lure large corporations to Utah. For example, see here.

But any legitimate critique of policy should be accompanied by a reasonable alternative.

Today, Sutherland released a new paper that outlines a strategy called “economic gardening” – an approach to economic development that could lead to thousands of homegrown jobs for Utahns.

You can read the paper here:

Economic Gardening: A Proposal for Growing Utah’s Economy from the Inside Out

Let us know what thoughts you have on our proposal. 

The idea behind economic gardening is to help connect entrepreneurs with information and tools they can use to expand small businesses into companies that contribute even more consistently and abundantly to the economy. It is about fostering the expansion of homegrown companies that have already planted their roots within the state rather than hunting for and recruiting businesses in other states

Utah is known for its pioneering spirit. We should do even more to harness the power of that spirit by cultivating the soil of Utah’s economy through economic gardening so that entrepreneurs – and all Utah businesses – have greater opportunities to succeed.