Utah redistricting ‘a crime against humanity’? Really?


In the Daily Herald’s opinion, “The Utah Legislature has committed a crime against humanity” in the Legislature’s redistricting process.

I Googled “crimes against humanity.” I found these stories:






Funny, I didn’t find anything about the Utah redistricting process. Maybe it’s still too new to have hit the Internet?

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  • Daniel Rush

    I agree that it is not a crime against humanity to gerrymander political
    boundaries in order to destroy political opposition, but it is
    certainly a crime against a “Republican” form of government which the
    Constitution guarantees for all states.  Approximately 38% of all Utahns
    vote for Democrats.  Is it appropriate for Republicans to silence their
    voices and deny them at least some representation? I don’t think our framers of the constitution envisioned a one-party plutocracy controlling government.