How Ogden (and other districts) can foster excellence in teaching


Imagine a high-performing teacher in Ogden School District. This teacher takes the time to work individually with her struggling students and lets them know she cares about them. She knows the material she teaches backward and forward and has shown an amazing capacity to teach it in ways that connect with and captivate her students.

As a result, her above-average students excel on tests and her struggling students show tremendous growth on those same tests from previous years. For her excellence in teaching, she receives the same compensation as her colleague who goes through the motions in class, is unfamiliar with the material, and has students whose test scores reflect his poor efforts and teaching ability.

This is the absurdity of collective bargaining in public education.

Fortunately, the Ogden School Board had the vision and courage to set aside failed collective bargaining processes and move toward creating a performance pay plan for teachers in Ogden School District. Sutherland commends the board members for their efforts and has published specific recommendations to assist them in crafting this plan.

You can read our recommendations in the brief report below. We offer these recommendations not only for Ogden but for any district that wants to adopt a fair, workable performance pay plan.

Making Performance Pay

What do you think? Will our pay-for-performance plan work?