Halt government funding to Planned Parenthood in Utah?


As we wrote on August 30, Planned Parenthood Association of Utah receives an average of $152,050.07 each year in state and federal funds. Representative Carl Wimmer (R-Herriman) plans to propose legislation that would restrict Planned Parenthood’s access to government money. We interviewed Wimmer and Karrie Galloway, CEO of Planned Parenthood in Utah, to hear their perspectives on the proposal. Watch this video:


What do you think? Should the Legislature block the state from giving government funding to Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers?

Here’s the script of the video:

VOICE-OVER: The state and federal government annually give almost $2 million in taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood inUtah. On average, $152,000 of those tax dollars are handed out by the state. Representative Carl Wimmer is proposing a bill that would stop the state from giving taxpayer funds to organizations inUtah that perform abortions – such as Planned Parenthood.

REP. CARL WIMMER 1:30: “Planned Parenthood on a national level is the largest abortion provider in the country.”  1:43: “They just started maybe within the last two years providing elective abortions here inUtah. I want to fight back and push back against the creep that we are seeing; the increased abortion services that are happening in this state.”

VOICE-OVER: The main reason Representative Wimmer wants to stop government money from going to Planned Parenthood is that it provides abortions. And even though no taxpayer dollars pay directly for abortions, Representative Wimmer says that sending taxpayer dollars to abortion providers remains a problem.

WIMMER 8:33: “The Health Department can allocate it elsewhere, as long as they’re not allocating it to an agency or to a private organization that provides abortion.”

VOICE-OVER: Karrie Galloway, the CEO of Utah’s Planned Parenthood, has a different opinion on the matter.

KARRIE GALLOWAY 29:15: “Abortion is legal, and unfortunately a necessary service for people who have a pregnancy that is incompatible with life of the mother or life of the fetus.” 30:00: “I wish we could work on the other end of this to prevent unintended pregnancies through responsible sexuality education.”

VOICE-OVER: Planned Parenthood spends Utahns’ tax dollars on programs like sexual education forUtah youth and testing for sexually transmitted diseases. Annually, Planned Parenthood has a budget of $7 million and treats 56,000 patients. Ms. Galloway outlines Planned Parenthood’s other sources of funding.

GALLOWAY 23:00: “Less than $200,000 comes from contracts that we get through the state; a little under $2 million comes from the national family planning program, Title 10, and that subsidizes reproductive health care services for those 56,000 people. And the rest of it is raised either through people paying for those services or through foundations or private donations.”

VOICE-OVER: So if taxpayer funding from the state is pulled from Planned ParenthoodUtah, what does that mean for Utahns?

WIMMER 6:19: “Well, Planned Parenthood will not be shutting down; they’ll still be there for people to go in and pay for the services. I don’t know why we think and why we have this entitlement mentality that ‘just because the government is now not going to pick up the bill I can’t go there,’ well, you know what, you can still go there.”

VOICE-OVER: But Ms. Galloway has a different answer.

GALLOWAY 24:55: “Less services, most importantly, the chlamydia money, the fertility preservation money. We service over 30,000 people with free STD tests and treating those people who are positive as well as their partners.”

WIMMER 2:20: “They can never get around the fact that the vast majority of their money comes from providing abortion services on a national level, even on a state level. That is where the vast majority of their money comes from; they are an abortion provider first, and a health services provider second.”

STAND UP: So what do you think?  Should the state ofUtah stop taxpayers’ money from going to Planned Parenthood? Because, remember, all public policy changes lives. For Sutherland Institute, I’m Alexis Young.


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  • Truthsleuth7

    Whether these services are provided by the health department itself or by Planned Parenthood, the services are vital to sexual reproductive health in our state where we have seen alarming rises in STDs. Unplanned pregnancies continue to be a problem in Utah because of a lack of sex education. At least birth control will now be available to women at a much lower cost as a preventative health item on insurance coverage. This will prevent the need for  abortions.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for your comment.  You may be interested in reading an op-ed we wrote regarding rates of STDs and pregnancy in Utah:  http://archive.sltrib.com/article.php?id=7791998&itype=storyID&keyword=&qtype=

  • cquickly

    I applaud Representative Wimmer for his work to defund Planned Parenthood.  This taxpayer funded abortion provider and promoter (abortion is presented as the best option) is involved in shielding and aiding teenage prostitution (see Andrew Breitbart’s sting operation) and advocates the sexual freedom of minors as well as gender exploration (see Planned Parenthood’s educational literature).  It seems that growing their business is what Planned Parenthood is all about.  The more sexually transmitted diseases, the more money required to combat the epidemic that they are actually promoting.  Don’t just defund…how about eliminate?

  • Victoria

    Abortion is not the problem. The reason there is an increase in need of abortion is that there is abstinence-only sexual education offered in school under the current laws. His arguments are invalid because Planned Parenthood doesn’t use federal or state funding for abortions. They may provide abortions, but they also offer many other services, for low cost or for free for young men and women that don’t have insurance or have no where else to go. They also provide information about sex and STIs for Utah’s youth, since the majority of parents aren’t teaching their children, and the schools are forbidden by law to teach anything but abstinence.
    Also, many of the clients that go to Planned Parenthood are at or below the poverty level. CNS News criticizes Planned Parenthood and complains that 363 million dollars was provided to planned parenthood in 2008, however they of course forget to mention that the majority of planned parenthoods clients at 150 percent below the federal “poverty” level. Had each of their pregnancy prevention clients had children, the amount of welfare and government aid would have severely overcome the mere 363 million dollars that Planned Parenthood put to good information and resource. Also, It’s clearly stated that none of their 363 million was provided to abortions. Instead, that 363 million went towards; 35 percent contraceptive, 34 percent testing and treatment, 17 percent to cancer and prevention, 10 percent to other woman’s health, and 1 percent to other services.

    By taking away the funding for Planned Parenthood, that would put many people in a place with nowhere to turn. The sad fact of it is that a lot of people in our country cannot afford insurance and Planned Parenthood is their only option.
    The fear and hatred placed around Planned Parenthood as simply an abortion clinic prevents them from assisting those who could use what they are really there for; to help women have a safe birth and to ensure women are not held back in any way.
    Unless we as a country can lower general healthcare costs and enable all citizens equal access regardless of class, as well as educate our youth about safe sex, pregnancy and STIs, there will always be a need for organizations like Planned Parenthood. And with the current state of affairs that we are in, it doesn’t look like any of those things are going to change enough to eliminate the need for the services Planned Parenthood provides.