What makes you happy? Show us and win!


You know one thing that makes us happy? A healthy sense of humor. To celebrate the belly laughs conjured by a good comedian, we’re giving you the chance to win two fantastic tickets (14th row, middle) to see Brian Regan live in Salt Lake City at Abravanel Hall on Friday, Jan. 27, at 7:30 p.m. Here is one of my favorite Regan routines to get you excited.

Why do we care about happy? Because that’s what we try to do: We at Sutherland Institute advocate for conservative principles because they have been proven through the centuries to be the best way for people to be, well, happy. Principles such as limited government, personal responsibility, free markets, private property, charity, religion and family. Sutherland’s vision is that “Utah will remain a place of family, faith and opportunity – raising a standard in the pursuit of happiness.

To be eligible for these primo tickets, you simply need to submit a picture of yourself doing something that makes you happy – scuba diving, making a pizza, scrapbooking about scuba diving while making a pizza, whatever. Get your friends to vote for your pic, and we’ll all make the person with the most votes really happy. And you might just be a little happier seeing so many happy people happily doing what makes them happy.

The contest ends Sept. 29, so post your pic on our wall, tell your friends to vote for you and get ready for a night of pure happy with Brian Regan.