‘Gay’ bus tour kicks off with a lukewarm endorsement


Photo credit: STML

To kick off its “help bigots across America to see the light” campaign in Salt Lake City today, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) released a public opinion survey it commissioned and paid for showing that Utahns aren’t all that bigoted – we tend to tolerate “gay” things even if we really don’t tolerate homosexual things.

So, evidently, 400 Utahns generally like “gay” human beings and want them protected as human beings (that seems fair in an abstract sense), but really don’t care for homosexual behavior and prefer that those personal indignities not befall their own children (which also seems fair but in a reality sense). In other words, we Utahns don’t mind if “gays” live next to you, we just hope our children don’t become homosexuals.

I’m not quite sure how that tepid endorsement (Utahns like “gays” more than President Obama … yippee!) kicks off a “gay” bus tour across the bigoted red states, but they’ve never needed much encouragement to throw a party.

Meanwhile, policymakers in Utah continue to do the right thing and reflect cautiously on HRC’s (and Equality Utah’s) policy demands.

Safe travels!