Nuclear Experts to Discuss Nuclear Power in Utah with Sutherland Institute

For Immediate Release: May 16, 2011

Contact: David Buer
Director of Communications

SALT LAKE CITY—As part of his 10-Year Strategic Energy Plan, Governor Gary Herbert recently recommended that Utah “facilitate dialogue regarding Utah’s potential opportunity for nuclear power development.” In light of this recommendation, Sutherland Institute will host the first of three nuclear energy forums Tuesday, May 17, at 10:30 a.m. at Sutherland Institute headquarters. The purpose of the forums is to help Utahns learn about the environmental and public safety dimensions of nuclear power as they relate to public policy.

Paul Mero, Sutherland president, will interview three nuclear power experts during the first hour of the forum, which will be streamed live at The final 30 minutes will feature a Q and A with audience members and the nuclear energy experts.

Nuclear Power Guests
David Blee, executive director of the U.S. Nuclear Infrastructure Council, served as U.S. deputy assistant secretary of Energy and later as executive vice president for NAC International, a global energy services provider. Mr. Blee is regarded nationally as an expert on many issues associated with the next wave of nuclear energy plants in the United States.

Dr. Gary Sandquist, professor emeritus and former director of the graduate nuclear engineering program at the University of Utah, is widely respected as an academic, author and nuclear energy specialist. Dr. Sandquist will draw on his experience with U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Agency licensing and reactor siting.

Jay Maisler, CHP (certified health physicist), is an expert in radiation safety and emergency preparedness with extensive experience in the commercial nuclear power industry, the Department of Energy, and the Navy’s nuclear program. Mr. Maisler currently serves as manager of engineering planning projects with Enercon Services Inc.

Nuclear Energy Forums Overview
Beginning on May 17, Sutherland will conduct policy forum sessions on three topics relevant to the prospect of including nuclear power generation facilities in the state’s future mix of energy sources, as mentioned in the 10-Year Strategic Energy Plan presented by Governor Gary Herbert in March.

One session will be conducted each month in May, June and July 2011. Topic specialists will be interviewed by Sutherland President Paul Mero. Beginning promptly at 10:30 a.m., the forum sessions will be conducted before a live audience of invited guests, media representatives and policy bloggers, and will be streamed live via the Internet. Following the webcast, our guests will have an opportunity to engage in a Q&A with the specialists until noon, at which time we will conclude. The sessions will address:

• Environmental and Public Safety (Tuesday, May 17)
• Water Requirements and Resources (June)
• The Economics of Nuclear Power Generation (July

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