Sutherland Institute Urges Gov. Herbert to Sign Comprehensive Immigration Bill

SALT LAKE CITY (MAR. 7, 2011)—With the passage of the “Utah Immigration Accountability and Enforcement Amendments” by both houses of the Utah Legislature, Sutherland Institute calls on Governor Gary Herbert to sign the bill. Though not perfect, 3rd Substitute HB 116 is innovative immigration policy that improves public safety, protects Utahns’ freedom and encourages economic prosperity.

“We’re proud of the state Legislature’s efforts to pass state-based comprehensive immigration reform,” said Sutherland Institute President Paul Mero. “The bill passed, 3rd Substitute HB 116, has an enactment date two years from now, giving time to perfect this policy. Sutherland Institute supported SB 60, sponsored by Senator Luz Robles and Representative Jeremy Peterson, and we still consider this bill the gold standard for state-based comprehensive immigration reform.

“We congratulate every legislator who voted for the final version of HB 116, especially its sponsors, Representative Bill Wright and Senator Stuart Reid. None of this progress could have occurred without the dedicated work of Senator Curt Bramble, his colleagues in Senate leadership, and House Speaker Becky Lockhart and her leadership team – Senator Bramble and these other leaders literally saved the effort,” Mero said.

Sutherland is committed to perfecting the policies of HB 116 through the same thorough, transparent processes that created it. The bill carries with it the spirit of the Utah Compact and Governor Herbert’s six guiding principles and has moved the state closer to a truly effective Utah solution.

Sutherland Institute is a conservative, state-based, independent public policy organization located in Salt Lake City. Its mission: protecting the cause of freedom, constructively influencing Utah’s decision makers, and promoting responsible citizenship. Sutherland Institute is recognized as the leading conservative think tank in the state of Utah.