Sutherland to host Utah …

How well do you know our state’s Constitution?


Sutherland Institute invites you to attend a class titled “Articles, Amendments and Aspirin: Understanding Utah’s Constitution (Without Getting a Headache),” to be taught by constitutional expert William C. Duncan on Thursday evening, October 7, 2010.  The class will begin at 7:30 pm in the Sutherland Institute Conference Room located in the Crane Building, 307 West 200 South, Suite 5005, in downtown Salt Lake City.  The session will conclude at 8:30 pm.


Everyone is welcome to attend the class.  Members of the Institute’s Responsible Citizen Exchange will participate at no cost.  For all others, there will be a $10 charge.


If you would benefit from an introduction to the Utah Constitution and a discussion of the history and little-known facts surrounding it, this class is for you.  Come learn how this 115-year-old document continues to shape Utah’s political landscape.


To register, call 801-355-1272 or email


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