Sutherland Newsletter – June 10, 2010


We are pleased to provide an important way for you to be more deeply involved with Sutherland Institute.  As you may be aware, Sutherland houses four policy centers through which we conduct our policy work.  Our policy centers are the brain trust of our operations.  It is wisdom for us to expand this brain trust – our sphere of expertise, input, and influence – for Sutherland to stay fresh, not stale, in our thinking.


We believe you can help us.


The new Policy Advisory Board will be comprised of approximately 80 members.  Each member will select and receive a subcommittee assignment focused on one of our four policy centers on a first-come-first-served basis.  We seek to limit subcommittee assignments to approximately 20 people per policy center.


In your service on the Policy Advisory Board, we would expect you to attend two meetings each year – one general policy conference and one subcommittee conference – and attend the three sessions of Sutherland’s award-winning Transcend Series on political leadership, integrity, and principles.


The Policy Advisory Board serves in an advisory capacity.  We are seeking your thoughtful and prudent counsel to develop new policy ideas, perfect ongoing projects, and challenge us when you think we’re headed in a wrong direction.


This invitation is open to anyone.


While we would expect that each member would be in full agreement with Sutherland’s vision, mission, promise, governing principles, and policy center objectives, full agreement on individual matters of policy are not required to sit on the Policy Advisory Board.  In fact, we are seeking a diversity of intellects, experiences, and backgrounds to inform our policy work.


If you would like to apply to serve on our new Policy Advisory Board, please take a moment to complete the following steps:


Step 1: Review our Vision/Mission/Promise/Governing Principles sheet (here).


Step 2: Review each of the policy center summaries (here).


Step 3: Email us at with your contact information and a brief description of why you would like to serve on our new Policy Advisory Board.


We will announce our selections in the near future.  Meetings will begin in the fall.


Let’s face it – you’ve always wanted the opportunity to tell Sutherland what to do.  Now here’s your chance!