Sutherland Newsletter – May 20, 2010


Sutherland Institute is pleased again to welcome Jim Ferrell as he conducts the first session of the new season of Sutherland’s award-winning Transcend Series leader-development program.


On Thursday, June 17, we encourage you to participate in “The Choice in Political Leadership” seminar, to be conducted at the Hale Centre Theatre in West Valley City.  The session will be facilitated by Jim Ferrell, widely-acclaimed speaker, author, and CEO of Arbinger Institute, a Utah-based organization respected internationally for its seminars on “conflict resolution,” its best-selling books that include Leadership and Self-Deception and The Anatomy of Peace, and for helping a variety of decision-makers around the world to expand their influence constructively.


Six years ago, Sutherland Institute partnered with Arbinger to create this important component of the Transcend Series program.  Several hundred Utah decision-makers have attended this course.  We are pleased to make this opportunity available to you, now.  Following check-in that starts at 9:00 am, the session will begin promptly at 9:30 am and conclude at 4:30 pm.  A session overview recaps these details.  Because of the highly-significant benefit associated with this experience, we invite you to have your spouse or companion join you.


Sutherland Institute exists in part to be a resource to Utah’s civic officials as they seek to become more effective public servants.  The Transcend Series was created in 2004 to help Utah’s elected officials and other community leaders transcend politics as usual and thereby succeed in their efforts to make Utah a better place to live, work, and raise a family.


Please contact Lisa Montgomery at Sutherland Institute to reserve your seats.  Lisa can be reached by phone at 801-355-1272 or via email at



Online learning is an innovative way to personalize education for children that generates potential benefits for children, parents, and teachers alike.


Thinking Outside the Building: Online Education, the latest publication of Sutherland Institute’s Center for Educational Progress, reports that online schools are an increasingly popular choice for parents because they can tailor schooling to fit their children’s needs.


Derek Monson, Sutherland policy manager and author of the paper, says public education in Utah is at a crossroads.  Those administering the system can either choose to implement innovations like online education, or get left behind.


“The Utah State Legislature should require school districts to inform parents about the online-learning options available to them, including online public charter schools,” Monson said.  “Lawmakers and public education officials should also enact other policies that encourage the growth of online learning.”


In the paper, Monson contends that parents in Utah should have greater influence over the education of their children.  Further, he indicates that while there are many potential benefits associated with the expansion of online learning, those benefits are not limited to parents and children alone.  The expanded use of online-education tools could also help the public school system to provide a quality, personalized education to children in Utah.