Sutherland Newsletter – May 6, 2010


Since the beginning of the 2009-2010 school year, Sutherland Institute’s Center for Educational Progress has administered an incentive program for teachers at Dual Immersion Academy (DIA) in the Glendale neighborhood of Salt Lake City.


The purpose of the program was to reward the teachers who best serve the educational needs of their students.  On Wednesday, June 2, 2010, Sutherland presented awards to five teachers from DIA at a banquet held at the Institute.


Sutherland President Paul Mero addressed DIA staff members and their spouses during the banquet.  He shared with them the principles that govern Sutherland’s efforts, and commended the fine work performed by DIA educators.  He also acknowledged and expressed thanks to Kyle and Julee Bateman, the financial benefactors of the project, for their commitment to improving education and raising the bar for Utah’s educators.


The first award of the evening, the Para-educators Excellence Award, a $200 prize, was given toSarah Mayhew, a teacher’s aide nominated by full-time teachers and selected by school administration.


Janette Morey, a kindergarten teacher, received the Parents’ Choice Award, which was based on surveys completed by parents of children in each individual teacher’s class.  Parents were asked how well their child’s teacher collaborated with them in the child’s education.


The full-time teaching staff selected Kenna Friddle, a second-grade teacher, as the recipient of the Teachers’ Choice Award.  Teachers were asked to score each other regarding how collaborative and cooperative each teacher was in the interest of the students.


The Principal’s Choice Award was presented to second-grade teacher Juan Daniel Delgadobased on the administration’s evaluation of each teacher regarding how well he or she advanced the mission of the school and best served his or her students.  Each of those three awards included a $500 prize.


The grand prize, a $1,500 award, was bestowed upon first-grade teacher Marco Torres.  He not only received high marks from the parents of the students in his class, his peers, and the school’s administration, but his students improved the most throughout the school year, thanks in large measure to his efforts.  Sutherland Institute assessed student improvement by evaluating the test-score increases for each student from the beginning to the conclusion of the school year.


“This program was a great way for Sutherland to recognize teacher excellence,” Mr. Mero said.  “The faculty and staff at DIA are working hard to serve their students well.  We are grateful for the opportunity to have provided incentives at the beginning of the year and to recognize them now.”



On Thursday, June 10, Sutherland Institute hosted a Candidate Forum.  Following brief introductory remarks, Tim Bridgewater and Mike Lee, Republican primary candidates for the United States Senate, responded to questions presented by Sutherland President Paul Mero.


“I wanted to learn more about how they think, not just what they think,” Mero commented following the session.


Mero probed the candidates, seeking to identify the principles and thought processes that guide each to his respective individual position on a variety of topics that included immigration, no-fault divorce, authentic charity care, litmus tests for U.S. Supreme Court nominees, and more.  Mero said his intention was to get to the heart of who the candidates are as people.


“This forum was a success because it allowed the candidates to show their true colors,” Mero said.  “In a humane economy, people see others as human beings and not objects.  Those who attended the forum in person or online had a great opportunity to see Tim Bridgewater and Mike Lee in a very human context, and we encouraged them to do the same with every person living in Utah.”


When asked which candidate he thought would best serve the people and interests of Utah, Mero responded that the question is even more difficult to answer following today’s forum.  He further noted that Utahns would be in great hands with either of them representing the state in the U.S. Senate.


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