Authentic Charity Care Resolution..

SALT LAKE CITY — March 4, 2010 — Today, Authentic Charity Health Care Joint Resolution – HJR 27 was passed unanimously by the State Senate on a vote of 24-0-5. The bill will be enrolled and sent to Governor Herbert for signature.

The measure recognizes authentic charity care as a key component of state health care policy and is the next step in a policy initiative Sutherland Institute has championed since 2004.

“Authentic charity care is truly the best way to help the indigent and needy uninsured members of our community,” said Sutherland President Paul Mero. “Utahns are a service-oriented people. Many donate time and effort to assist our neighbors in need on a regular basis. Community members working together can serve a greater number of people more effectively and efficiently than bureaucratic government programs.”

One of Sutherland’s priorities during the 2010 legislative session has been laying the foundation for the expansion of authentic charity care in Utah. The Institute is grateful for the successful work of Representative Merlynn Newbold, chief sponsor of the resolution, and Senate sponsor, Senator Wayne Niederhauser.