Sutherland Encourages …

SALT LAKE CITY — January 12, 2010 — Wrestling with serious revenue shortfalls, state legislators are faced with a vexing challenge.  Lawmakers want not only to stretch tax dollars by cutting costs and making public education more efficient, they also want to facilitate continuing improvement in the quality of education and in student outcomes.


Sutherland Institute, the state’s leading conservative public policy organization, today released an essay that advocates entrepreneurship as a means to accomplish both of these objectives and outlines eight specific recommendations that will help create a political, economic, and cultural environment that allows and encourages entrepreneurs to help make Utah’s public schools more effective and efficient.


The essay, Promoting Education Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Utah, written by Sutherland Policy Analyst Mathew C. Piccolo, accurately points out that there are many bright innovators within public education and in the private sector who could help improve the quality of instruction, as well as the efficiency of administrative processes.  But government rules and regulations currently prevent innovators from implementing new ideas in public schools.


In the essay, Sutherland maintains that collaborating with education entrepreneurs will not only bring the most innovative ideas to Utah education, but also help schools use tax dollars more efficiently in the short-term and the long-term as processes improve and the private sector contributes more capital and other resources to education.


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