This week I want to address health care.  I am so tired of hearing liberals talk about health care as if it’s some alien life-form.  Health care is pretty simple: take care of yourself, don’t do anything too reckless, don’t over-indulge yourself (and don’t indulge at all in some things), exercise, eat right, get enough sleep, get married, have kids, and stay married.  Do all of those things and you’re going to stay pretty healthy.

Notice that good health has very little to do with health insurance.  It has nearly everything to do with living right.

Insurance is insurance.  There’s little difference between the role of good car insurance and good health insurance.  We have car insurance in case we get into an accident.  Otherwise, we drive safely; we drive defensively; we drive as if we have to cover all of the costs of owning a car ourselves.  We have insurance to protect us from the unexpected – not to cover oil changes or new tires.  We pay for those things out of our own pocket and because we pay for those periodic maintenance costs ourselves, we tend to be very selective about when we schedule regular maintenance.

Today’s health insurance scheme is just the opposite.  In fact, we get all bummed out whenever we have to spend one nickel on it outside of our premiums.  We go to the doctor not only when we’re seriously ill, but for every little thing – and we do it because we can…because our health coverage allows it.

Sometimes I think we’re all mental.  But then I remember that we’re not – we just want something for nothing.  We are spoiled, soft, and self-indulgent.  We have excuses.  There’s a whole industry in excuses.  You’re too fat?  We have an excuse that doesn’t include the fact that you eat too much, smoke like a chimney, and never exercise.  You’re depressed?  We have an excuse that doesn’t include the fact that you’re too self-centered, annoying to be around, and ungrateful for the people around you who do manage to love you despite how creepy you are.

Of course, the king of excuses these days is Barack Obama.  He says that your health care problems aren’t your fault; they’re the fault of greedy businessmen.  Everybody’s greedy in Obama’s world except liberals and parasites who work in his government or for it through an intricate network of government-funded non-profit agencies.

Folks, why do we have to keep revisiting the obvious?  One more time: socialism doesn’t work.  It never has.  Never.

A college professor made the statement that he’d never before failed a single student but had once flunked an entire class.  The class had insisted that Obama’s socialism worked and that no one would be poor and no one would be rich – everyone would be equal.  And so the professor put his students to the test.  He told them that from there on out every student would receive the same grade.  No one would fail but no one would receive an A.

After the first test, the grades were averaged and everyone got a B.  Of course, the students who worked hard were disappointed and the students who studied little were happy.  The second test average was a D because the students who tried hard last time saw that their hard work was futile and the ones who studied less studied even less thinking that the smarter kids would continue to work hard.  By the time the third test rolled around and the average grade was an F, the students were finger-pointing and bickering.

The professor reminded them why socialism doesn’t work: no one will try their hardest when the reward is taken from them.  Under Obamacare, what’s the incentive to really work at taking care of your own health?

The day that Obamacare becomes law you instantly lose five freedoms: first, you lose the freedom to choose what’s in your health care plan; second, you lose the freedom to be rewarded for healthy living; third, you lose the freedom to choose high-deductible coverage; fourth, you lose the freedom to keep your existing plan; and, fifth, you lose the freedom to choose your doctor.

Why is there even a debate?

For the Sutherland Institute, I’m Paul Mero.