Sutherland Holds Open Houses…

On April 8 and 9, representatives from Sutherland Institute participated in two open houses in St. George.  The discussion focused on the question, “What is responsible citizenship?” and an introduction to Sutherland’s Sacred Ground Initiative.

Also on Thursday, April 9, Sutherland’s Center for Family and Society hosted a luncheon in the downtown St. George Social Hall, where again the Sacred Ground Initiative was addressed.  The 40 guests in attendance heard from Sutherland President, Paul Mero, and discussed their concerns and interests.


“More so than ever, especially with certain issues, culture drives law.  So we’re out into the community influencing culture as much as we are law at the State Legislature.  Utah is filled with so many great people – responsible citizens – who understand why it is vitally important to be involved today.  Every meeting we have makes Sutherland a better organization and, hopefully, the people we meet are able to magnify their voices through us,” said Mero.


To view the video introduction, Responsible Citizenship, shown at these gatherings, go to Sutherland’s YouTube site:


If you are interested in hosting an open house to discuss opportunities to elevate your citizenship, please contact the Institute at 801-355-1272, or by email at