Sutherland Newsletter – October 23, 2008

Sutherland Joins Transparency Coalition

This week the National Taxpayer’s Union included the Sutherland Institute, along with Iowa’s Public Interest Institute, as new members of the organization’s “Show Me the Spending,” a coalition dedicated to transparency in state government spending.

The Show Me the Spending coalition currently consists of over 30 state-level policy organizations who are working to establish “Google-governement” websites where users
can easily search for state spending information, including data on
grants and contracts.  Participating policy groups include the Rhode Island Statewide Coalition, the Evergreen Freedom Foundation, the Buckeye Institute, the Lucy Burns Institute, the Sam Adams Alliance, the Illinois Policy Institute, the Virginia Institute of Public Policy, and the Washington Policy Center.


The Sutherland Institute believes that transparency in state and local government is essential to preserving representative government and liberty.   Transparency makes government more representative by equipping citizens with knowledge about state operations.  Please visit to obtain more information on government transparency.


As part of the Institute’s commitment to government transparency, citizens as well as government leaders are encouraged to sign Sutherland’s Commitment to Limited Government.  The pledge states, “State and local taxpayers should have open and easy access to the many layers of government for purposes of accountability, made easier in an era of high technology that increases efficient and inexpensive opportunities for  transparency.”


To sign the pledge, visit