Sutherland Newsletter – October 9, 2008

1.Marriage Forum DVD’s Available

On October 14, the Sutherland Institute hosted “State of the UNION: Why California Matters.”  The successful marriage forum featured Bill Duncan, director of Sutherland’s Center for Family and Society, and LaVar Christensen, the author and primary sponsor of Utah’s Constitutional Amendment in support of traditional marriage.

DVD copies of the event are now available for $10 (cost includes shipping and handling).  Please call 801-355-1272, or e-mail

2.Mero Participates In Dialogues At U of U and BYU

From August 2003 to September 2004, Sutherland Institute President Paul T. Mero and attorney (and former Legal Director of the ACLU of Utah) Stephen C. Clark participated in a thought-provoking e-mail correspondence on the emotional topic of gay rights.

On Tuesday, October 28, and Wednesday, October 29, Clark and Mero met to continue their dialogue.  The Tuesday session was held at the University of Utah’s Hinckley Institute of Politics and was broadcast live on KUER radio.  Wednesday’s discussion was held at BYU as part of a current events class.  Over 200 students attended the event in Provo.

To listen to the Hinckley Forum dialogue at the University of Utah, visit  The transcript of the year-long correspondence is also available on-line at

3.Sutherland Makes Facebook Debut

On October 29, the Sutherland Institute expanded its on-line presence to include one of the nation’s fastest growing social networks, Facebook.  In addition to Sutherland’s main website, people are now able to learn more about the Institute, participate in on-line discussions, and enjoy a variety of Sutherland programs and events through an on-line social environment.

“What we’re doing here at Sutherland is important for everyone,” said Jeff Reynolds, the director of communications for Sutherland.  “We’re committed to getting the word out that we are here and we are doing everything within our means to help make Utah become a great place to live, work and raise a family.  Using the on-line social networks, otherwise known as Web 2.0, is a critical part of our communication efforts.”

Reynolds said anyone who is already a member of can join Sutherland’s group page by simply searching for Sutherland Institute and clicking on the “Become a Member” button.