Sutherland Newsletter – August 28, 2008

1.Chaffetz and Spencer Square off at Sutherland Blogger Briefing

On Tuesday, September 9, 2008, Sutherland hosted a debate between Utah’s 3rd Congressional District candidates, Bennion Spencer (D) and Jason Chaffetz (R).

For more on the debate:

To watch select video of the debate please visit Sutherland’s YouTube Channel:

The Institute continues to be a leader in the state in its efforts to reach out to and help build the blogging community.

“I appreciate you doing this…Honestly, both parties should be embarrassed at how many times now Sutherland has been the leader on engaging the online community.  Thanks, and here’s to the next chance I get on something like this,” said JasonThe from The Sidetrack.


2.Do You Support Limited Government?

The Sutherland Institute has issued a challenge to Utahns to support limited government in our state.  The new Commitment to Limited Government pledge is a thought-provoking opportunity for elected officials, candidates for public office, and private citizens to take a public stand favoring limited government.


The pledge pronounces that signatories endorse at least four key elements of limited government: honoring local self-government, protecting the integrity of the free market, unburdening and uplifting Utah’s families, and creating transparent and open government processes.  The Commitment to Limited Government pledge closes with these words:


“If limited government means anything, it means Utah’s state and local governments keeping their reach, scope, and intrusions in the private sector, and in the lives of functional families, to a necessary minimum in the orderly maintenance of society.”


It’s easy to sign!  Step 1: Click on the link to the Commitment to Limited Government on Sutherland’s home page.  Step 2: Read the document carefully.  Step 3: Enter your name, title, elective office held (if applicable), and your email address.  Step 4: You will receive an email response verifying your support.


Your name will be listed for public view.  The Sutherland Institute encourages all Utahns, especially state and local elected officials, to put their good names on a great cause – limited government.