Sutherland Newsletter – August 7, 2008

California Court Overrules Doctor’s Moral Objection

Marriage isn’t the only victim of California’s courts this year.  A new ruling from the California Supreme Court denied a doctor the right to refuse performance of an artificial insemination for a same-sex couple.  The doctor in question referred the patient to another physician, but the court ruled that he has no right to object to the procedure because of a moral objection.


William C. Duncan, Sutherland’s director of The Center for Family and Society, criticized the ruling:


“This decision has moved California law far beyond requiring basic tolerance to requiring private individuals to participate in and facilitate the desires of adults to acquire children and form whatever kind of ‘family’ they desire.  More ominously, the court is saying that the state’s interest in enforcing this ideology is more important than protecting the foundational liberty of free exercise of religion.”