Sutherland Newsletter – June 26, 2008

1.A Brief History of Land Use in Utah

To help encourage informed debate on natural resource policy in Utah, Sutherland recently published A Brief History of Land Use in Utah in conjunction with Earth Week 2008.  Now available online, it briefly explains the history of agriculture, timber, water rights, and mining in Utah.  The essay’s purpose “is to provide a brief history, one that explores the remarkable beginnings of land use and some notable changes that have taken place over time.”  The publication can serve as a useful catalyst and complement to intelligent discussion of natural resource policy in Utah today.


2.Sutherland Launches The Center for Community and Economy

As part of Sutherland Institute’s continuing expansion, the Institute launched its fourth policy center, the Center for Community and Economy, on July 1, 2008.  Sutherland has tapped Allan Carlson, founder and president of the Howard Center for Family, Religion, and Society, to act as the Center’s first director.



“I appreciate Sutherland’s defense of principles that can help ensure Utah’s long-term economic success,” Carlson said.  “In accepting this position, I am committed to the Institute’s goal to help all Utahns live the American dream.”  To read the full text of his remarks, click here.


The Center for Community and Economy will focus on promoting a true free-market economy that provides private-sector solutions to community problems.  It exists to promote the pursuit of happiness through social and economic principles embodied in a humane economy.


“We know that free markets provide the best opportunity for growth and development for all members of a society,” said Paul T. Mero, president of the Sutherland Institute.  “The link is clear: economic freedom is the key to increased political freedom.  We are pleased to have this center as a way to organize our efforts.”


The other centers include The Center for Limited Government, The Center for Family and Society, and The Center for Educational Progress.


Allan Carlson has written nine books, published articles in over 30 different anthologies, testified as an expert witness before the United States Congress, and lectured at colleges and universities around the world.


3.Sutherland Suggested Readings List Now Available

Sutherland has created a suggested reading list for friends of the Institute.  The list will expand with time but currently includes books on conservative thought.


From the words of Russell Kirk in The Conservative Mind, “If a conservative order is indeed to return, we ought to know the tradition which is attached to it, so that we may rebuild society; if it is not to be restored, still we ought to understand conservative ideas so that we may rake from the ashes what scorched fragments of civilization escape the conflagration of unchecked will and appetite.”


All of the works included on the list have been recommended by Sutherland’s staff and Board of Trustees.  A brief synopsis of each recommendation is available on the website.  A new book will be featured and reviewed periodically.


This week William C. Duncan, Sutherland’s director for The Center of Family and Society and executive director of the Marriage Law Foundation, writes of The Conservative Mind:


“This classic treatise on the influence of the teaching of Edmund Burke on the thinking of subsequent generations of conservatives deserves a prominent place on a conservative’s bookshelf.  Erudite, witty and readable, the book itself is a classic but it has an enormous added value in identifying a group of conservative thinkers (some underappreciated) who also ought to be read and studied.”