Sutherland Newsletter – June 12, 2008

1.Congressman Bishop Addresses Bloggers About Energy Goals

While speaking to a group of center/right bloggers on Monday, June 16, at the Sutherland Institute, Congressman Rob Bishop said he is working on a comprehensive bill with the Western Republican Caucus that will go before Congress to address the nation’s energy needs.  Bishop said he and his colleagues have three energy-policy goals:

1.  Increase efforts in energy conservation.
2.  Increase production of energy by expanding off-shore drilling, building new refineries, developing oil shale, and expanding the use of nuclear power.
3.  Encourage innovation by rewarding people who come up with new ideas that conserve energy or improve energy production.


2.In Case You Missed It…

Friends of the Institute are still raving about the 2008 Legacy Awards.  The evening included presentations highlighting each recipient and surprise video appearances by President Thomas S. Monson and Mitt Romney who congratulated Richard and Mary Headlee on receiving the Legacy Award.



The United Way program Utah Saves was honored for promoting personal responsibility and the Utah Homebuilders Association was honored for defending private property rights.


The evening was a great success.  Many thanks to all who participated.  You can remember the evening’s highlights by visiting the photo gallery.


3.Legacy Awards Tonight

This evening’s Legacy Awards Banquet promises to be a night to remember.  Hyrum Smith, co-founder of FranklinCovey, Lane Beattie of The Salt Lake Chamber, and Andrea Wolcott of the Federal Reserve, will be presenting the awards at 8:00 pm tonight at Rice-Eccles Stadium & Towers.  The awards follow the dinner which begins at 7:00 pm.


Richard and Mary Headlee will receive the Legacy Award for a lifetime of service in promoting faith, family, and freedom.  Their long-time family friend, Mitt Romney, believes the award is overdue. “I can’t think of a more deserving couple who spent a lifetime of service in promoting faith, family and freedom,” he said.

Also receiving awards at the black-tie event will be the Utah Homebuilders Association, and the United Way for their program, Utah Saves.  “These award recipients have truly made Utah a better place to live, work, and raise a family,” said Liv Moffat, Sutherland’s manager of development.  “Hosting an evening in their honor is a great opportunity to acknowledge their service.”


4.Sutherland Speaks Out on Gay Marriage

While hundreds of gay couples lined up to marry in California, the Sutherland Institute made its position known on the radio program KVNU For the People.  On Monday, June 16, 2008, William C. Duncan, director of Sutherland Institute’s Center for Family and Society, spoke out against the California Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage decision.




“The key thing to understand is that (the decision) really is a dramatic expansion, not only of the state over marriage but one that is completely unjustified,” Duncan said.  “The court is not looking at some express provision and saying, ‘Ok, even though the people voted, this violates our constitution,’ which is pre-eminently the will of the people.”  Instead, Duncan said the decision is judicial activism on the part of the California Supreme Court.

The entire interview can be heard by clicking on the second hour of the program at this link.  Duncan also addressed this issue in an article published in the National Review Online on May 16, 2008.