UtahSchools.org to Be Launched

At a press conference on Tuesday, May 27, the Sutherland Institute will announce the launch of a Spanish version of UtahSchools.org, the largest independent clearinghouse of Utah school information.  The launch will be made in conjunction with the announcement of Sutherland’s new Center for Educational Progress, which will occur at 11:00 am in the Crane Building, 307 West 200 South, Suite 5005.

“A healthy system of education is most likely to develop when parents take full responsibility for their children’s learning progress,” said Paul T. Mero, president of the Sutherland Institute.  “For years, UtahSchools.org has been a valuable resource for parents to determine the best educational options for their child.  And now, this wonderful tool is available to Hispanic parents, to help them improve their children’s educational outcomes.”


According to a report released this month by the Utah State Office of Education, more than 40 percent of Hispanic students in Utah’s public education system are not graduating with a diploma.


“My children deserve just as much of a chance to succeed as any other child here in Utah,” said Sandra Plazas, a Hispanic mother of two.  “One of my children did just fine in the local public school, but my daughter needed more specialized attention.  Fortunately, I was able to do some research and my daughter was accepted into a charter school where her grades have improved substantially.  Now, UtahSchools.org gives other Hispanic parents, who may not know much English, the ability to determine the best fit for their child.”