Governor Huntsman to Sign Bill …

Salt Lake City, UT – Based on research conducted by the Sutherland Institute, Utah taxpayers could potentially see a yearly savings of about $100,000 once SB 38: Transparency in Government Finance is fully implemented.  Governor Huntsman will sign the bill on Monday, May 12 at 2:00 pm at the Department of Workforce Services.


The Sutherland-supported bill requires the state to set up a website that will “provide access to financial reports, financial audits, budgets, and other financial documents” free of charge to all Utahns.  In conjunction with the bill’s signing, Sutherland has issued a new report: Transparency in Government that highlights the potential for significant savings and increased public awareness that Utah’s new transparency bill will facilitate.


“When the light of public inquiry is allowed to shine on government finances, liberty is preserved, representative government is strengthened, and responsible governance is encouraged,” said Derek Monson, policy analyst for Sutherland.  “We commend Senator Niederhauser’s efforts to enact policy that uses current technology to put information about state spending just a click away for the average Utahn.”


Sutherland’s new report discusses in detail the benefits of the legislation to Utah and makes the case for continuing to broaden the scope of SB 38, which currently only applies to the state government while exempting cities, counties, and most educational institutions from providing information to the website.  Some of the reports highlights include the increased good governance, easy access to state spending habits, significant financial benefits to Utah taxpayers, and better fraud prevention capability.


The full report can be downloaded at