Sutherland Newsletter – April 24, 2008

1.Mine Your Own Business Hits Close to Home

Much of the soaring gas and food prices in Utah can be directly attributed to “green” policies, as was the focus of Sutherland Institute’s Earth Week 2008: The Future of Utah.  On Friday, April 25, Sutherland showed a screening of Mine Your Own Business, giving a new perspective on natural resources, environmental policy, mining and the people who are hurt by environmental extremism. The screening came with an added bonus – filmmakers Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney were on hand to present their work and answer questions.




“Environmentalism is an … elite hobby,” McAleer said on an interview on KCPW Radio.  “(Environmentalists) reaction is not to give their money away… (or) change their lifestyle, they want to go and change other people’s lifestyles.”  He also criticized environmentalists for denying others the lifestyle that they have personally.


2.In Case You Missed It…

Many of the speeches and PowerPoint presentations given by some of the nation’s top energy and climate experts during Earth Week 2008 can be found on Sutherland’s website at








The New Civil Rights Struggle: Access to Affordable & Efficient Energy – Roy Innis


Avoiding Blackout: The Case for Nuclear Energy – Jack Spencer




PowerPoint Presentations:




Lookout vs. Explore: What to do with Utah‘s Natural Resources – David E. Tabet


Hockey Sticks and Sun Spots: Why the Earth is Really Warming – Dr. Willie Soon


Global Warming: Some Reasons for Optimism – Dr. Roy Spencer




The Sutherland Institute would like to thank the approximate 400 people who took time out of their busy schedules to attend or participate at the presentations last week.