300 Utahns Sign Up to See Film …

Salt Lake City, UT – The Sutherland Institute has received tremendous response for the screening of the documentary, Mine your own Business, which will conclude Earth Week 2008: The Future of Utah.  Two Irish documentary filmmakers, Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney, who expose the lies of the environmental movement, will be available for Q&A at 10:15 am following the screening that begins at 9:00 am on Friday, April 25 at Megaplex 12 at the Gateway in Salt Lake City, 165 South Rio Grande Street.


“While our documentary focuses only on foreign areas, we see the same story playing itself out right here in Utah,” said McElhinney.  “Local environmentalists are working to pull the plug on energy and resource development.  The consequence is higher energy and food prices and the robbing of funds that could go to improving the state’s education and infrastructure.”


Mine Your Own Business is the first documentary to take a hard look at the environmental movement,” said McAleer. “What we found was not pretty.”  He talks to some of the world’s poorest people about how western environmentalists are campaigning to keep them in poverty because they think their way of life is “quaint.”


As the Wall Street Journal Online said, “Move over, Michael Moore.  You have competition in the art of political film-making… [but] instead of advancing the cause of smug liberal hypocrisy, [McAleer is] debunking it.”


“More than 300 people have reserved a seat to attend the first Utah screening of this documentary,” said Katie Christensen, public relations manager for the Sutherland Institute. “This impressive response shows the desire that Utahns have in seeing a side of environmentalism that the public rarely sees.”


More information about Earth Week 2008 can be found at http://www.sutherlandinstitute.org/earth.asp.