Nuclear Power is Emissions-Free …

Salt Lake City, UT – As part of its Earth Week 2008: The Future of Utah, the Sutherland Institute, Utah’s leading conservative think tank, will host two experts to discuss why nuclear energy is a viable energy source for Utah.  Jack Spencer, research fellow in nuclear energy at The Heritage Foundation, and Michael R. Fox, Ph.D., a nuclear scientist, will be presenting from 9-11 am on Wednesday, April 23 at Sutherland Institute, Crane Building, 307 W. 200 S., Suite 5005.


“The old days of anti-nuclear fearmonging may be over, but Utah has not fully recovered from 30 years of anti-nuclear propaganda,” wrote Spencer in an opinion-editorial published in the Deseret News on April 21, 2008.  “As a result, many continue to harbor misperceptions about the technology.”


Regarding concerns about a new nuclear power plant in Utah, Derek Monson, policy analyst for Sutherland said, “The worry that radiation received from a nearby nuclear power plant will cause cancer is a myth.  In reality, radiation from a nuclear power plant is inconsequential to human health.”


Nuclear power is emissions-free, affordable, proven and safe.  It already provides the U.S. with 20 percent of its electricity, but none to Utah.  According to the US Department of Energy, people receive more radiation annually from the sun and stars, from dental X-rays, and even their own homes than they do from living next to a nuclear power plant.  Since 1971, less than .01 percent of all nuclear power-related radioactive material has ever been involved in an accident during transportation.  None of these accidents resulted in hazardous radiation levels.


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