Honoring the Life of William F…

The Sutherland Institute echoes the statement made by the President of the United States on February 27, 2008 concerning the life and legacy of William F. Buckley, founder and author of National Review.


Statement by the President:

America has lost one of its finest writers and thinkers.  Bill Buckley was one of the great founders of the modern conservative movement.  He brought conservative thought into the political mainstream, and helped lay the intellectual foundation for America’s victory in the Cold War and for the conservative movement that continues to this day.  He will be remembered for his principled thought and beautiful writing — as well as his personal warmth, wit, and generous spirit. His legacy lives on in the ideas he championed and in the magazine he founded — National Review.

Laura and I send our prayers to Chris Buckley, the Buckley family, and all who loved this good man.