Family Structure Impacts…

The recent case of civil unions in New Hampshire highlights the importance of family structure for society.  Sutherland Institute has worked hard to explain the importance of the natural family — a married mother and father with children. Sutherland’s essay, “More than Money: The Influence of Family Structure on Prosperity and Educational Attainment” focuses on the natural family and how it has thrived across cultures, languages, and political ideals.  Among other benefits, Sutherland’s analytical and empirical research into the socio-economic benefits from the natural family shows:

  • The tradional couple is likely to be more capable of increasing the household provision of family goods and services than any one parent alone or any other parental arrangement.
  • All members of society are affected by the family structures chosen by all other members of society.
  • A child raised from birth to adulthood by one mother and one father who are married is more likely to experience greater educational achievement than a child raised under any other family structure.

More studies on the importance of the two-parent, man/woman household can be found at www.profam.organd