What Utah’s History Teaches Us About…

On October 7, 2007, the Deseret Morning News and Salt Lake Tribune published the sixth and final part of the series written by Sutherland Institute.  The series examines the major forces from Utah’s historical records and cites their relevancy for today’s school vouchers debate.  Part Six concludes with an attempt to describe the necessary elements for a lasting consensus, a diminishment of political contention, and a livable view of Utah’s “education identity.”

Bringing us to the present moment in Utah history, no honest person who has studied the historical record prior to statehood could conclude anything other than that our forefathers would have embraced what we now call vouchers.  A lasting education identity for Utah will push us evermore toward a “seamless” approach to education — an educational environment, sustained by law, economy, and culture, that will allow Utah’s families to move freely across the spectrum of educational opportunities that best serves the needs of each one of their children.

This excerpt is from the Sutherland Institute’s Vouchers, Vows, and Vexations: The Historic Dilemma over Utah’s Education Identity.