New Voucher Webpage Available

Given the amount of misinformation concerning the State’s current voucher law, Sutherland Institute has spent a significant amount of time researching and collecting data it believes will be valuable for Utahns considering the merits of a voucher system.  All of this research is now available online  The Institute disproves many of the arguments voucher opponents are claiming to be true.  Here is a brief example of the information that can be found on “ABC’s of Vouchers”:

Myth: Private schools are only attended by upper-class white students.
Fact: Utah’s private schools are as broadly diverse as its public schools, and more diverse in many cases.

Myth: Private schools have almost no accountability to taxpayers.
Fact: Private schools participating in the voucher program benefit from multiple layers of accountability.

Myth: Private schools in Utah are unaffordable.
Fact: Utah’s school voucher program brings private schools into reach for low-income families.