Sutherland Newsletter – July 19, 2007

1.Mero’s FOX 13 Segment Online

On Tuesday, July 17, Paul T. Mero, president of Sutherland Institute, was interviewed on FOX13‘s “Good Day Utah” regarding his recent book, The Natural Family: A Manifesto.  Mero said that Utah is a great example for the rest of the nation because most Utah households consist of a two-parent family with children.  “In public policy terms, if you wanted to be as free as possible and as prosperous as possible, you’d want to run all of your public policy through the filter that the family is the fundamental unit of society,” Mero commented.  To watch this segment, clickhere.


2.Parent’s Day 2007

This Sunday, July 22, has been proclaimed Parent’s Day 2007 by President George W. Bush.  According to a press release sent out by the White House, Parent’s Day is a time to “honor our mothers and fathers for their extraordinary devotion and for the great sacrifices they make to provide a hopeful and promising future for their children.”

“At Sutherland Institute, we work in behalf of public policies that recognize and support two-parent family formation because we know that family structure matters,” said Katie Christensen, public relations manager.  “Strong families create strong societies.”


3.Vouchers Just One More Way of Subsidizing Education

On Sunday, July 15, 2007, the Salt Lake Tribune published an opinion editorial written by Paul T. Mero, president of the Sutherland Institute, concerning the fight over school vouchers.  Mero explains that while many people argue against subsidization, they are already subsidizing students in public education.  “That’s why I support school vouchers – if we are going to subsidize every child’s education anyway then why not let parents choose what is best for their own children?”