Sutherland Newsletter – July 12, 2007

1.Defending Milton Friedman

Yesterday, June 11, 2007, the Daily Herald published an excellent opinion-editorial by
Robert Enlow of the Friedman Foundation defending founder Milton Friedman and
giving him due credit for all the work he has accomplished in ushering in
today’s school choice movement.  This comes after the Utah Democratic Party
issued several statements attacking Friedman and arguing that his ideas further
segregation in America’s schools.  “The Utah Democrats have tried to portray him
as selfish and greedy because he opposed the misuse of rhetoric about ‘public
service’ to support policies that undermine individual liberty,” said Enlow.
“But that doesn’t mean he opposed public service.  He devoted his whole life to
teaching, educating the public, promoting better public policy and serving as a
volunteer on public commissions.”


2.KUED: Mero on Health Care

Sutherland President Paul T. Mero’s latest guest editorial for KUED
Channel 7 is now online.  In the editorial, which aired June 29, 2007 on “Utah
Now,” Mero explained that “health care is not a right, just like food, clothing,
and shelter are not rights.”  He went on to say, “Health care is a commodity and
all commodities are most widely available to people through the engine of the
free market.  Health care services and products are not expensive because of
greedy doctors or pharmaceutical companies.  Health care is expensive because
government policies won’t allow the marketplace to work its magic.”
To watch the segment, go to
and click “Watch the Show” under the title, “What are the barriers of health
care?”  Mero’s segment can be found in the last ten minutes of the program.