KUED: Mero on Health Care

Sutherland President Paul T. Mero’s latest guest editorial for KUED Channel 7 is now online.  In the editorial, which aired June 29, 2007 on “Utah Now,” Mero explained that “health care is not a right, just like food, clothing, and shelter are not rights.”  He went on to say, “Health care is a commodity and all commodities are most widely available to people through the engine of the free market.  Health care services and products are not expensive because of greedy doctors or pharmaceutical companies.  Health care is expensive because government policies won’t allow the marketplace to work its magic.”

To watch the segment, go to http://www.kued.org/productions/utahnow/ and click “Watch the Show” under the title, “What are the barriers of health care?”  Mero’s segment can be found in the last ten minutes of the program.