Vouchers Restore Educational…

On June 30, 2007, the Daily Herald published an opinion editorial written by Sutherland Institute President Paul T. Mero concerning Utah’s educational identity and how it relates to the current fight over school vouchers.  “Perhaps a big part of the political contention over education policies like vouchers is because we have lost our identity and now only focus on what we do or what we have,” Mero writes.  “Utah’s education identity has been revealed at several places in the historical record.”

“First, we are all lovers of learning. We value education. Our social presumption is that Utahns will seek knowledge and understanding to make their way constructively through life.
“Second, we are no respecter of people; we want all people to have an opportunity to learn and make something of themselves.
“Third, while education means different things to different people, we know that a good education must be uplifting and beneficial to the human spirit.
“Fourth, we are cooperative. We know the value of trusting and loving our neighbors, and what happens when we don’t.
“Fifth, we yearn to be free. So much of the struggle in the history of education in Utah was over real or perceived denials of freedom.
“Sixth, we are an efficient people; we are a people of “best practices.”
“Seventh, we are generous and charitable. We seek earnestly for the welfare of our neighbors, especially as it pertains to the education of their children.
“And, finally, we are family people. We respect the autonomy of our families. We honor stable families and call upon them to help the struggling ones.”