Democrats for Education Reform

Hoping to shake-up the Democrat party’s view and opposition to education reform, a new grassroots lobbying, funding and advocacy group has been formed, as reported in the article, “Democrats for Education Reform,” by the Philanthropy Roundtable.  Democrats for Education Reform (DFER) plan to “challenge the entrenched party power of teachers’ unions and other education sector interests, who largely define the official Democratic position on education issues,” according to the article.  “DFER believes that high standards, innovation and accountability for success — qualities in short supply among the establishment — are essential for fueling excellence in education and giving all children an opportunity to succeed.”

“This new group within the Democratic Party comes at an important time for Utah given our upcoming referendum on vouchers,” said Lyall Swim, Sutherland’s director of operations.  “It is just one more example of people on both sides of the aisle realizing the need for dramatic change in our education system.”