Sutherland Represented in Poland

The Sutherland Institute is well-represented this week at a worldwide gathering in Warsaw, Poland.  Paul Mero, Lyall Swim, and Liv Moffat have joined thousands of leaders, scholars and activists to take part in the World Congress of Families IV, the largest international pro-family conference of its kind.  “I think it’s important for people to understand that the family is under attack all over the world,” Swim said.  “What is unique about the World Congress of Families is that you have people from all walks of life and from all religious backgrounds joining together to fight back.  With respect to Utah, we have a real opportunity, and I believe a responsibility, to be a leader on issues of the family, particularly in finding ways to strengthen the family and to bolster parental rights.  I am looking forward to sharing ideas and getting a better understanding of what is working elsewhere in the world.”

Paul Mero is one of the featured speakers at the event.  In his presentation, he likened the structure of families to the structure of buildings.  “Family structure is similar to that of physical structures.  It has properties that keep it from falling down just like a building.  Families suffer from the effects of stress, strain, and tension, but they can weather the toughest storms.”  Mero declared that the natural family structure is vital for a healthy and sustainable society.

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