Sutherland Newsletter – May 4, 2007

1.Defending “Systems” and Freeing Slaves

On the heels of the Utah State Legislature passing school vouchers, an interesting public dialogue is also occurring in South Carolina, but with a twist.  In a southern state significantly more populated with African-Americans than Utah, the debate over school vouchers has taken on an added dimension, namely the introduction of the topic of slavery.


In Defending “Systems” and Freeing Slaves, Paul T. Mero, president of the Sutherland Insitute writes, “This interesting debate among our southern neighbors is relevant for our own public discussions…While certainly absent the horrific nature of the historic slavery experience, the voucher debate does possess similar moral and legal parallels.  Both histories are about the human experience, and both issues touch the core of what it means to be free.”


2.Legacy Awards Banquet a Success

Thanks to all who shared in Sutherland’s wonderful 2007 Legacy Awards Banquet last night.  Mr. Stan and Mrs. Mary Ellen Smoot were honored with the Legacy Award for a lifetime of service in promoting faith, family, and freedom. Mr. Khosrow Semnani received the Charity Award for his generosity in behalf of the Maliheh Free Clinic, and the Conservative Caucus received the Family Award for their work at the Utah Legislature in support of families.  Sutherland will be providing additional details and pictures from this remarkable evening in next week’s newsletter.

3.New Downwinders: The Consequences and Politics of Family Fission

Sutherland’s latest publication, New Downwinders: The Consequences and Politics of Family Fission, was released today.  In the essay, Bryce Christensen, a member of Sutherland’s Policy Committee, compares the impact of nuclear testing in the Fifties to the dissolution of the family unit in today’s society.  Goverment assurances that the nuclear tests were “in no way harmful to humans, animals or crops” turned out to be tragically false.  “Yet even as Americans give thanks that prominent officials and writers are belatedly looking back at this Fifties catastrophe with honesty, perhaps we ought to be learning some hard lessons relevant to an even more widespread and recent social catastrophe,” Christensen writes.  “We can learn all too much about how Sixties family-splitters turned the entire nation into social Downwinders who are all paying an awful price for their ideological arrogance.”


4.Register Now for May 10 “Ethics and Integrity” Transcend Session

Plan now to join us for the second session of the 2007 Sutherland Transcend Series on Thursday, May 10, as Dr. Quinn G.  McKay leads our discussion of “Ethics and Integrity: Timely and Timeless.”  A highly-respected consultant to international business and government clients, and university educator, Dr. McKay has authored three books on the subjects of integrity and ethics.  Because of the outstanding participant response to his facilitation of similar sessions in the past, we are grateful that he has consented to be with us again.  All participants will receive a copy of Dr. McKay’s most recent book, The Bottom Line on Integrity.


To register for the second session of the award-winning Sutherland Transcend Series, please call 801-355-1272, or visit  The participation fee for this session is $50 and payments can be made with cash, check or online with Visa/MC prior to the event or at the door.  Venue will be our offices located in the Gateway Tower West building, on the corner of Main Street and South Temple.