Sutherland Newsletter – April 26, 2007

1.Family Advocates to Gather in Poland for World Congress of Families

Thousands of leaders, scholars and activists will assemble in Warsaw, Poland, from May 11-13, 2007 for World Congress of Families IV, the largest international pro-family conference of its kind.  Sutherland Institute President Paul T. Mero is one of the featured speakers at the event. Mero says he will liken the structure of families to the structure of buildings.  “Family structure is similar to that of physical structures.  It has properties that keep it from falling down just like a building.  Families suffer from the effects of stress, strain and tension, but they can weather the toughest storms.  My remarks will focus on these parallels and show, hopefully conclusively to even the most progressive critic, that the natural family structure is vital for a healthy and sustainable society.”

For more information on the event, go to


2.Looking Forward to May 10 “Ethics and Integrity” Session

The fourth season of the Sutherland Transcend Series began in April with an outstanding and sold-out session addressing authenticity, leadership and self-deception.  Within days, the Institute also received word that the Series has been recognized once again as a Best of State Award medalist!


Plan now to join us for the second session of the 2007 Sutherland Transcend Series on Thursday, May 10, as Dr. Quinn G. McKay leads our discussion of “Ethics and Integrity: Timely and Timeless.”  A highly-respected consultant to international business and government clients, and university educator, Dr. McKay has authored three books on the subjects of integrity and ethics.  Participant response to his facilitation of similar sessions in the past has been outstanding.  We are grateful that he has consented to be with us again.


Individuals who pre-register by May 2 will receive by postal mail a copy of Dr. McKay’s most recent book,The Bottom Line on Integrity, published in 2004.  Selected chapters of the book are recommended as preliminary reading for the May discussion and dialogue.


To register for the second session of the award-winning Sutherland Transcend Series, please call 801-355-1272, or send an email to an “Objective Independent Study”

The results of Sutherland’s academic rankings listed on is described as an “objective independent study” by The Spectrum.  Those words come from Bill Fowler, the principal of Tuacahn High School in Washington County and former vice president of student services at Dixie State College. shows that Tuacahn High is ranked in the top third of Utah schools when it comes to academic standing.  Katie Christensen, public relations manager for Sutherland, was quoted in the article saying that the rankings are “a way to put a measure on schools.  It makes them accountable to parents who want to see how their child’s school is doing — how they stack up against other schools.”