New Downwinders: The Consequences

Sutherland’s latest publication, New Downwinders: The Consequences and Politics of Family Fission, was released today.  In the essay, Bryce Christensen, a member of Sutherland’s Policy Committee, compares the impact of nuclear testing in the Fifties to the dissolution of the family unit in today’s society.  Goverment assurances that the nuclear tests were “in no way harmful to humans, animals or crops” turned out to be tragically false.  “Yet even as Americans give thanks that prominent officials and writers are belatedly looking back at this Fifties catastrophe with honesty, perhaps we ought to be learning some hard lessons relevant to an even more widespread and recent social catastrophe,” Christensen writes.  “We can learn all too much about how Sixties family-splitters turned the entire nation into social Downwinders who are all paying an awful price for their ideological arrogance.”