Legacy Awards to Honor Those …

Salt Lake City, UT – The Sutherland Institute announced that it will host its 2007 Legacy Awards Banquet starting at 7:00 pm on the fourth floor of the Rice-Eccles Stadium and Towers at the University of Utah onThursday, May 3, 2007.  The event will honor Utah community leaders for their efforts to promote charity, family, faith and freedom.  The awards portion of the event will begin at 8:00 pm.


“The Sutherland institute is renowned for advocating personal responsibility and community service,” said Senate President John L. Valentine.  “I appreciate them taking an evening to honor selfless, principled, and generous action in our community.”


The honorees include:

  • Legacy Award:  Mr. Stan and Mrs. Mary Ellen Smoot for a lifetime in service in promoting faith, family, and freedom
  • Charity Award:  Mr. Khosrow Semnani for his generosity in behalf of the Maliheh Free Clinic
  • Family Award:  The Conservative Caucus for their work at the Utah Legislature in support of families


“Our award recipients are great examples of people who haven’t looked solely to government to make needed changes,” said Paul T. Mero, president of Sutherland Institute.  “These individuals have used their own time and their own resources to reach out to their communities and make them better. For example, in just over a year, the Maliheh Free Clinic has served approximately 17,000 patients.  These are people who may not have received vital medical help due to lack of insurance, but thanks to the efforts of Mr. Semnani, these patients were given the healthcare attention they needed.”


More than 200 elected officials and community leaders are expected to be in attendance at the Legacy Awards Banquet.  The Legacy Awards Banquet will be part of an ongoing Sutherland effort to recognize individuals who have taken private initiative in bettering Utah based on Sutherland’s governing principles: personal responsibility, family, religion, private ownership, free markets, charity, and limited government.