UtahSchools.Org featured

Three Utah newspapers published articles over the past week featuring Sutherland’s re-launch ofwww.UtahSchools.org, the largest independent clearinghouse of Utah school information.  As quoted in theDeseret Morning News on Friday March 23, Katie Christensen, Sutherland’s public relations manager, said, “We feel it is essential to parents to have some sort of clearinghouse to look at schools in their area and compare them one to another — the end result is choosing the best schools for their children.”

  • Charter schools, Granite, Jordan get high marks by Tiffany Erickson, Deseret Morning News, 3/23/2007
  • Web site to help parents choose schools by Nicole Stricker, Salt Lake Tribune, 3/26/2007
  • Charter out-scoring public schools by Brooke Barker, Daily Herald, 3/27/2007