The Tyranny of Diversity

Sutherland Institute President Paul T. Mero submitted an opinion-editorial to the Deseret Morning News in response to a Marjorie Cortez column, in which she opposed school vouchers because of her belief that it’s only at public schools where a common ground is created for students.  Because the editorial board decided not to publish the piece, Sutherland is providing the content of The Tyranny of Diversity on its website.  The following is an excerpt from Mero’s op-ed:

“Wittingly or unwittingly, Ms. Cortez follows that old line of prejudicial thinking, part bigotry/part elitist, that Americans require forced socialization and that the only way to do it is to pry the rising generations out of biased (i.e., traditional) homes and into little factories for social uniformity — uniformity, oddly enough, she calls ‘diversity.'”