Sutherland-supported Bills Gaining

The 2007 legislative session is entering the final stretch.  With less than a week remaining, the Sutherland Institute is working hard to make sure its legislative priorities successfully make their way through the process.

Just today, February 22, the full House passed HB 343: Foster Placement and Adoption Amendments.  Stan Rasmussen, public affairs manager for Sutherland, said, “This bill makes first-class citizens out of our foster and adopted children by creating a preference in the foster and adoption system for placements with two legally-married parents.” The bill now moves to the Senate.

On Wednesday, February 21, the House passed HB 395: Waivers of Immunity – Exceptions.  It’s now on to the Senate for consideration. This bill provides that the governmental immunity of a person, official, or institution does not apply if the person intentionally, willfully, or knowingly engages in certain misconduct.