Education Vouchers Bill Moves

The Education Vouchers bill is on to the full Senate after favorably being passed out of the Senate Education Committee with a 5-2-1 party-line vote on Wednesday, February 7, 2007.  “This is a significant step forward not only here in Utah, but for the rest of the nation,” said Katie Christensen, public relations manager for Sutherland Institute.  “We hope that other states follow suit and implement similar policy by determining that school choice is a much better way of fulfilling the education needs of our children.  We are hopeful that the Utah Senate and Governor Jon Huntsman will see the value in this legislation and sign the bill, making it part of the education system here in Utah.”

The Institute worked closely with sponsors of the 2006 Education Vouchers bill.  Notably, all of Sutherland‘s recommendations included in that bill were incorporated into the legislation which just passed — the language of the bill being identical to that which Sutherland helped to craft last year. Many individuals and organizations brought the Legislature to this point, and we commend all of their positive efforts.