Utah Government Now Spends Over …

Salt Lake CityUT – The Utah State Spending Clock, which can be found on Sutherland Institute’s website, www.sutherlandinstitute.org, is now ticking over $310 per second, up from last year’s $278. This spending clock shows the amount of taxpayers’ money our Utah State government will spend through June 30, 2007, the end of FY 2007, based on the budget that has been provided by the Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget.




At 12:00:01 am on July 1, 2006, the clock was reset to reflect the new state budget of $9,802,676,500 for Fiscal Year 2007, which is an 11.5% increase over FY 2006 of $8,788,332,400.  To put that increase in perspective, consider that Utah’s population grew just over three percent last year while inflation only went up 0.6%.  In just five minutes, the state government spends enough to buy a fully loaded Cadillac Escalade.




Concerning this spending increase, Sutherland Institute President Paul T. Mero said, “When prosperity rules the day, government spending should fall.  We have the opposite experience.  The more prosperous our economy gets, the more our state government spends.  Something is terribly wrong.”




One way to regain control of state spending is to require legislators to keep spending increases in line with increases in population and inflation.  Any revenue taken in above the limit would go back to the people.




Following the same methodology as the Utah State Spending Clock, the Sutherland Institute has also provided the Utah Public Education Spending Clock, which represents the number of tax dollars the State of Utah is spending every second on public education.  It clicks at $95.54 per second and will total$3,012,993,000 at the end of FY 2007.  This spending figure also comes from the state budget, but only includes state budget amounts and does not include figures from the 40 local school districts across the state.




For more information, contact Katie Christensen, 801-355-1272 or email,kchristensen@sutherlandinstitute.org.